Karachi (Staff Report) : Although the print and electronic media enjoy freedom of expression in Pakistan, however the situation in Sindh province is different as the owner of dummy newspaper (so-called journalists) are openly blackmailing officers of Sindh Information Department and maligning reputation of these officers and their families for “unjustified advertisements”, Sindh Post has learnt.

In the recent years, the business of operating dummy newspapers has thrived and even the businessmen are now tending towards launching dummies by obtaining Declaration and ABC Certification by greasing palms of officials of the federal government’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

These dummy newspapers print usually not more than 200 copies and these dummies are only available on social media particularly on Facebook.

Most interestingly, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and other watchdogs are grilling only former minister and other junior officers of the Information department but  neither NAB nor anti corruption or any other agency ever investigated assets of owners of dummy newspapers and these owners are roaming escort-free till today.

In the recent days, Muhammad Ali Abro, an owner of dummy namely Wafa-e-Sindh has crossed all the limits as he is allegedly threatening officers of information department of approaching NAB and judiciary if his dummy is denied millions of rupees advertisements.

Nowadays, Mr Muhammad Ali Abro has been targeting a lady Director Advertisement Ms Yasmeen Memon as she clearly refused to facilitate his dummy – Wafa-e-Sindh-. The dummy Wafa-e-Sindh has been running a fake and bogus story against the lady director by using her family pictures.

Usually, the dummy newspaper publishes the same fake story on daily basis and the owner Mr Muhammad Ali Abro himself distributes the copies in the department.

With the continuous blackmailing tactics by Mr Muhammad Ali Abro, senior officers of information department, who have remained victims of his blackmailing, have decided to knock at the doors of superior judiciary and the NAB against the owner of dummy newspaper Wafa-e-Sindh.

Furthermore, these officials have also hired the services of senior legal experts to file the Defamation Suit against Muhammad Ali Abro.

Sources claim that some information department’s officers who want to get some DDO powers and want to replace Ms Yasmeem are also behind this campaign.

It is mentioned here that few months ago, many leading news papers of Pakistan already had exposed his blackmailing practices by publishing stories on its pages.