New York, USA: (Shoukat Zardari) The Indian media has falsely reported over Jiye Sindh Qomi Mahaz’s (JSQM) protest held on Thursday here in New York.

The Hans India’s news headline claimed that¬†JSMM, Sindhi, Baloch organisations hold protest outside U.N. amid Pak PM’s visit, but in reality JSMM was not even a part of organizers of the protest.

Jiye sindh Qomi Mahaz leaders in the United States have not only condemned the news but have also termed it an immature politics by Jiye Sindh Muttaheda Mahaz.

Jiye Sindh Qomi Mahaz’s senior leader Habib Bhutto while Talking to Sindh Post has called it an immature politics and termed it against the political ethics.

“We organized the protest as we believe that our missing persons are illegally abducted by the state of Pakistan. To raise voice against such atrocities we gave an open call to all sindhi well wishers and parties.” We also invited friends from JSMM but calling it a protest organized by JSMM is not correct, Said Mr. Bhutto

The issue of Sindh is more important that point scoring but some friends use it as a publicity stunt. Said Habib Bhutto.

Before talking to Sindh Post Mr. Bhutto condemned such act on his Facebook wall and his comments read as ” Not even a small party would do alike as our friends have done, at least they should have told the truth”

Jiye Sindh Qomi Mahaz’s Chief Organizer in a statement shared on his Facebook wall has demanded JSMM Chairman to apologize from JSQM for sharing fake press release to Indian media


Jiye Sindh’s self exiled leader Dr Ghulam Nabi Unar has also expressed his deep grief over the situation. He said that Mr. Burfat has really gone far for taking such credit, which shows his political immaturity.

JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat in a statement on his Facebook wall has also congratulated his party worker Zafar Parchoo Vidhyarti for holding his party banner.


The leadership of JSQM USA has strongly condemned not only Indian fake news sharing but has also criticized JSMM for propagating this news in its favor.