Sukkur: (Aftab Channa) While targeting former president Asif Ali Zardari, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan asked the people of Sindh to take to streets and help him end the regime of Zardari and his allies.

While addressing a public gathering in Sukkur on Friday, Imran Khan vehemently criticized former premier Nawaz Sharif saying that now Asif Zardari would also be asking very soon ‘Why was I removed?’.

“But Zardari does not put on an act. He will know why he was removed, and he will leave without a fuss,” he vowed.

Pakistan Tehreek i Insaaf workers in Sukkur, attending party gathering

“When the head of Sindh steals, he cannot stop others from stealing. He corrupts the whole system from top to bottom,” Khan asserted, asking the crowd to come out and “take down” Zardari with him, and to usher in a new era for the province.

“I could not visit Sindh earlier because I was stuck in Panama case,” he told supporters in Sukkur, as he promised to remove the “pharaoh” in Sindh “the way Pakistan’s godfather was thrown out of office”.

Touching upon unemployment, which he claimed was one of the most pressing issues in the province, Khan told that corruption leads to capital flight through money laundering, which in turn results in fewer jobs in the country.

He narrated the story of a civil servant who, he alleged, had committed suicide so that his unemployed son could get his job.

He also asserted that “The biggest issue is that the law for the powerful is different from the law for the poor.”

He promised to visit all of Sindh in an attempt to take down Sindh’s “corrupt mafias” and bring about a new “golden era” in the province and the country.

Earlier in April 2017, Imran Khan at Badin said “Asif Zardari, I am coming after you,” signalling a shift in the PTI’s strategy regarding the PPP’s traditional stronghold of Sindh.

Mr Khan appeared to cast doubt over Zardari’s loyalties to the province, claiming: “He has property everywhere. Is he really sympathetic to your suffering?… Both [Zardari and Sharif] have money abroad. Both are involved in money laundering,” he had alleged, suggesting that both politicians had “taken turns… to rob the country of its wealth”.

As Khan visits Sindh, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari is busy testing the waters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“Your own ministers are alleging that Imran Khan’s kitchen and Jehangir Tareen’s plane operate [financially] on KP’s contracts,” Bilawal said in a recent visit to Mansehra while accusing the KP government of financial mismanagement.

A number of political figures have switched loyalties from both sides recently, with several leaders of PPP Punjab switching to PTI – including Firdous Ashiq Awan and Babar Awan – while PTI and PML-N leaders have been joining the PPP in Sindh as new alliances are forged ahead of 2018.