Shoukat Zardari
            Journalist, USA

If the United States had a President like Donald Trump in early 90’s than his statement would have left serious impact on Pakistan, as Pakistan was not a nuclear state at that time, but Mr. Trump and his establishment need to remember when Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan visited united states what he was requested for?

During PM Khan’s first visit to US, president Truman requested Pakistan’s premier to let the CIA formulate a base in Pakistan, strictly to keep an eye on the activities of Soviet Union and Liaqat Ali Khan denied that request.

As Pakistan has a geographic importance in the region so it is world,  who needs Pakistan to come in an alliance with them, not the Pakistan. This was the reason when Pakistan between 1954 to 1964 became Part of four mutual agreements on defense with major power players in the world. Pakistan was the only Asian country to become the member of SEATO and CENTO both in the past 1950’s.

The US must not forget that Pakistan is the only defensive wall to its interests in Asia. If you go through history, from President Dwight Eisenhower to Barrack Obama, Pakistan has fought for the United states for last Seven decades.


After the incident of 9/11 Pakistan decided to stand firm with the united states. Despite of US’s betrayal in the past and mishandling of Afghanistan after Soviet war, Pakistan once again supported the united states in a war, which Pakistan had nothing to do with. Today Pakistan is paying more in interms causalities of its own people, facing economic distress and flight of capital, for none other than its own, untrustworthy and geographically distanced ally.

Initially Pakistan tried to strike a negotiation deal with Taliban and al Qaeda members to handover Osama bin Laden to American authorities. However, when negotiations failed, Pakistan allowed American army to use its military bases for launching attacks on Afghan soil.

Today the US president with a lot of misinformation from Indian Lobby is putting the life of American soldiers in danger. It is not because Pakistan will go against USA but, if Pakistan takes back its support to US on war on terror, will India be able to fulfill US requirements in the region, without any border with Afghanistan?

Before the United States went into war against Taliban, Pakistan was a peaceful country with no terrorism but India took advantage of the situation and proliferated its agents to conduct terror activities in Pakistan.

India also tried to brainwash anti Pakistan forces within Pakistan by supporting them financially and with arms to fight against Pakistan military, who is already fighting for the US in the region.

It really looks a joke to people who are students of international relations and politics that, how can USA go against its own seasoned ally in the region for decades where conspirators like India have never come forward to support Americans except when they have their goals to achieve.

How can President Trump forget the blood of almost 70 thousand innocent Pakistani’s shed in the War which Pakistan is fighting for America to protect its citizen from future terror attacks? Its not important what Pakistan will loose, if US turns around but it is most important that Pakistan is the only support which Americans have in the region. If Pakistan pulls out of the game than for US forces being Surrounded by Russians, Chinese and Afghan Taliban, will be very difficult to return home and even if they manage to get out of Afghanistan, Indians will not be able to transport them to the US.