KARACHI: (Aftab Channa) At least 2,300 employees of the Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA) are without salaries for last eights months following poor administration, non cooperation of junior official with the new Managing Director, it is learnt.

The issue of non payment of salaries was surfaced after the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) took into custody, the authority’s Director Finance for his alleged involvement in illegal appointments etc.

The NAB, on November 23, 2016, conducted a raid at STEVTA headquarters and arrested its Director Finance Yousaf Baloch for his involvement in more than 1,100 illegal appointments including 31 officials directly on Grades 16 and 17, insiders told Sindh Post.

With slow pace and lengthy procedure, the STEVTA authorities could not assign the charge of Director Finance to any other officers four months however the charge was given to its senior officer namely Muzafar Hussain Bhutto who tried his best to resolve the issue.

However non cooperation of junior officials has worsened the situation causing non payment of salaries to more than 2,300 employees of the authority since January 2017, sources informed.

“Usually, the STEVTA employees get salaries on third or fourth day of every month however the delay in salary release has resulted in serious financial constraints for the employees to feed their families. The worst affectees are the lower grade employees”, sources added.

STEVTA’s managing-director Mr Muzafar Hussain Bhutto has forwarded a summary to the administrative secretary, Naveed Shaikh, for the release of tranche so as to pay the salaries however the same is pending with secretary’s office till date.

According to sources, MD Stevta is very much optimistic for the release of salaries however the matter is pending now with the finance authorities who are least bothered to release the funds without commission.