Karachi: (Staff Report) Thousands of Sindh United Party’s workers, in the leadership of Syed Jala Mehmood Shah, staged Sindh march on the streets of Karachi against corruption, religious extremism and terrorism. He was joined by Party leaders of different nationalist and political parties.

Jalal Shah while addressing his workers said that since last 7 decades only three parties have been taking their chance on the revolving power chair but unfortunately no one has delivered as per the normal expectations of the public.

He said that Peoples Party, various groups of Pakistan Muslim league and military dictators have enjoyed the power in the country for years and several terms but people are still in a state of lack of basic facilities.

Sindh United Party Chairman Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah Marching in Sindh March along-with Party Leadrs.


He mentioned corruption, religious extremism and terrorism, three major problems of the country. ” Until we separate state and religion we can not achieve peace in the country,” said Mr Shah.

Mr. Shah, while criticizing the National Reconciliation Ordinance by Musharaf in 2007,  said that the corruption had been a big issue since independence of Pakistan, but Musharaf’s NRO not only promoted corruption, but became a main reason for a one hundred percent increase in it.

Full Speech of Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah

Mr. Shah moreover urged the establishment of the country to support real democratic representatives of the historic nations living in Pakistan. He highly demanded that the the facilitation of corrupt politicians must stop.

SUP Leader Sayed Ghulam Shah &  Pir Khalil Jan Sarhandi at the Sindh March organized by Sindh United Party

Mr. Shah repeatedly warned that they will not allow any one to get dry-cleaned or let anyone to give a clean chit to corrupt politicians. This must stop now. I don’t know how Asif Zardari claims to correct the direction of the country, when he himself is a father of Corruption, Said Jala Mehmood Shah.

Sindh United Party Leaders and Guests on the stage.

Mr. Shah asserted that Pakistan is based on multinational ethnicity and it must be understood that the interests of these nations can only be served if differences are set aside. He also warned of the danger by keeping state and religion together. Pakistan can only prosper if state and religious matters are dealt differently, not as a mix, said Jalal Shah in a gathering of  thousands of his party workers.

He also mentioned that religious politicization of Pakistan has pushed the country into a hatred based on the religion, and in a result now these religious groups are being used in a proxy against Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif did not fulfill his written agreement with Sindh United Party, he only considered Punjab as Pakistan. we had agreed with Nawaz on a 7 point agenda, out of these, the major one was to make Pakistan a real federation. He also protected the corrupt people of Pakistan and did not fulfill promise of free and fair accountability of corrupt people in the country; said Jalal Mehmood Shah.

Mr. Shah invited Sindh’s nationalist groups to join national democratic process for the betterment of the country. He said, the separatist movements cannot benefit the people of Sindh, but by coming in the national recourse of democracy can at least bring some benefits to the public.

Mr Shah strongly condemned the legislation of NAB repeal act and called it a protective shelter for the corrupt people in Sindh government. Our party will  intervene in the court against the bill, announced Jalal Mehmood Shah.

Social media users called Sindh march a successful power show of the Sindh United Party. In a survey question asked by Sindh Post on the official Facebook Page majority of users called the rally, a hope of alternative for the people of Sindh.

Sindh Post asked public to share their post rally comments on Sindh Post wall in three hours, more than 15 people responded on the wall including  Jiye Sindh Leader in USA Dr. Ghulam Nabi Unar.

Noroz Baloch Called it an excellet show, its a slap on PPP’s face, expressed Abdul Aziz Khushk.

Nizam Agro said that those who run Sindh as a personal property must see the intellect of Sindhi people. Jalal Mahmood Khuro expressed his happiness to see awakened Sindh. Where are the so called leaders of Sindh, they must see that people have awakened, posted Javed Sethar. Aijaz Soomro also commented.

Aqib Rajper called it a great program, Altaf Ghumro, Khadim Shar, Ahmed Uz Zaman, Abdul Jabbar Sindhi and  Basit Ali Bughio seem positive about the Sindh March.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Unar in his comment congratulated the leadership of Sindh United Party and criticized Jalal Mehmood Shah for delivering Speech in Urdu language.  Aamir Shah Jahan Kandhro, Mohammad Hassan, Sikandar Samoon, Ali Raza Mugheri and Faheem laghari also posted positive comments about the rally.