Karachi: (Aftab Channa)  Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) with the help of Sindh Police is devising a centralized Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS) to block the import, sale and usage of illegal and counterfeit Mobile Handsets across the Sindh province particularly in Karachi.

The DIRBS system will support the verification / analysis of IMEIs through all major stakeholders i.e. GSMA device database, Importers database, Mobile operator’s database and PTA IMEI Blocking Database. Post analysis will yield below three lists:

Black List (Devices to be blocked i.e. snatched , stolen, lost etc ) Notification List ( Devices illegally imported, not GSMA assigned IMEIs, Duplicate IMEIs and Not PTA approved )

Exception List ( Valid IMEIs, Paired IMEIs, PTA approved , GSMA assigned , legally imported and not reported in crime)

DIRBS will facilitate buyers, sellers and consumers and will provide interface for verification of Devices through Web Link, Mobile App and SMS service. Hence Stakeholder scan verify the device status anytime anywhere.

Deployment of DIRBS will eradicate the Devices with duplicated IMEIs, Devices with tempered IMEIs, illegally imported Devices and devices which are blacklisted.

Deployment of DRBS will ensure legal import of authentic devices, support import of legitimate devices and their importers which will enhance government revenue and benefit the entire mobile echo system.

DIRBS will also be helpful for Law Enforcement agencies, since duplication in IMEIs , tempered IMEIs and non traceable  devices will be eliminated across the country, therefore, every device will be legitimate and traceable.