Karachi: (Staff Report) The education department of Sindh has issued a transfer letter of deceased Deputy Director Curriculum and Extension Wing Sindh.  Mr. Leela Ram was reported dead 12 days before the letter was issued.

Mr. Leela Ram, who was posted in Jamshoro district of Sindh,  was reported dead on August 4, 2017, due to a heart attack but his transfer and posting letter was issued by education department on August 16, 2017, as a principal Government Elementary College of Education (Male) Mirpurkhas.

Sindh Governments letter no.SOI(SGA & CD)-2/1/2011(E-74) Reads,  “Mr. Leela Ram, Deputy Director (BS-19), Bureau of curriculum and extension wing Sindh,  Jamshoro is transfered and posted with immediate effect and untill further orders as, Principal (BS-19) Government Elementary College of Education (M) Mirpurkhas, against an existing Vacancy.”

The letter has gone viral on social media and the department of education is being criticized for this negligence regarding the staff. Some social media users have raised the question about the competency of the department, who is even unable to maintain the record of its own deceased employees.