New York, USA: (Shoukat Zardari) Sindhi Academic and Cultural Society of North America  celebrated the 58th birthday of Jiye Sindh Qomi Mahaz’s slain leader, Bashir Khan Qureshi, in New York.

Along with SACSNA, JSQM USA and Sindhi Adabi Sangat USA also participated in  the arrangements for making it a successful event.

The Birthday cake of Bashir Khan Qureshi

The program was attended by members of Sindhi community living in New York and New Jersey , showing their love and respect for Bashir Khan Qureshi.

Mr. Ghulam Nabi Unar, The President of Sindhi Academic and Cultural Society of North America while talking to the audience said that Bashir Khan Qureshi struggled his whole life for the people of Sindh.

Mr. Qureshi was a true follower of GM Syed and always stood firm on his demand of a free country for the people of Sindh, Said Unar.

Complete speech of Mr. Ghulam Nabi Unar

Mr. Ghulam Nabi  strongly condemned the recent abductions in Sindh and demanded the release of  peaceful nationalist workers.

Speakers from various walks of life and Jiye sindh workers paid tribute to Bashir Khan Qureshi and demanded the international community for free and fair investigation of Mr. Qureshi’s Murder in April 2012.

JSQM USA Chief Organizer Dr. Sarang Ansari, Dr. Hyder Lashari, Mr. Zafar Parcho Vidhyarthi and Dr. Sharjeel soomro in the event.

Mr. Atta Vistro, a former JSSF president shared his views about historic time spent with Mr. Bashir Khan Qureshi.

Dr. Hyder Lashari, a senior Jiye Sindh worker moderated the program.

Mr. Sarang Ansari, Dr. Dileep Ratnani, Mr. Aftab Memon, Mr. Ali Hassan Bhutto, Mr. Danish Jatoi, Mr. Zafar Parcho Vidhyarthi, Mr. Khalid Channa, Mr. Altaf Esaani, Mr. Mehboob Abbasi and others were present to celebrate the 58th Birthday of Mr Bashir Khan Qureshi.