Karachi: (Staff Report) Including 19 most notorious Criminals, Sindh Apex committee in its 20th meeting, decided to transfer 270 criminals from Karachi Jail to different Jails in the province.

The meeting was presided over by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah. Corps Commander Karachi Lt Genera Shaid Baig Mirza, chief secretary Sindh and Director General Rangers Major Gen Mohammad Saeed were also present.

270 notorious prisoners were running their criminal networks through different ways, it was pointed in the meeting.

Viewing the seriousness of the situation the meeting decided to shift them within next 10 days. However, the chief minister directed the home department to move their cases to military courts.

For the purpose, the home, law departments and CTD departments would scrutinize their cases and send them to military courts with support documents. It was pointed that out of 270 prisoners the cases of 110 could easily be sent to military courts for trial because solid evidence had been collected against them. The chief minister gave two weeks to CTD department to finalize the preparations for shifting.

The committee approved sending 10 more cases, including of Amjad Sabri to military courts. In the said 10 cases a same group of criminals, Asim Capri, Ishaq Bobi (arrested), Samiullah and others are nominated.

It may be noted that the Sindh government had sent 90 cases to military courts, of them 37 were tried in the military courts which have awarded capital punishment in 21 cases. But, not a single execution has taken place so far because of appeals.

The committee discussed the recent growing trend of target killing of policemen. This is very serious issue and day in and day out such news come up. This must be stopped and worked out said the chief minister. On this the meeting was told by the DG rangers and IG police that they were close to bust the gang involved in killing of the policemen.

The security of shrines also came under discussion. The meeting was informed that at the shrines of Lal Shahbaz Qalander and Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai have been made secure by deploying required police force and have installed walk through gates and CCTVs. Work on other shrines for strengthening their security is in progress.

The committee also discussed about the measures being taken to install sims into cars, motor bikes and activation of tracking system in mobile phone. The home minister said that he has held a number of meeting with the manufacturers and to some extent he has agreed them but still he needs some time to convince them. As far as mobile phones are concerned they have a system through which they could be blocked and traced.

The committee discussed land grabbing issue and termed it an organized crime in the city. The district administration and police assigned the task to protect government and private property and in case of number of claimants or dual claim papers of a piece of land then it must be verified from automation branch of the Board of Revenue.

The committee also discussed the mushroom growth of Madaaris in the province. It was pointed out that around 1000 Madaaris are located on the government land. The meeting decided to scrutinize the documents/NOCs etc of the 1,000 Madaaris and no Madaaris would be allowed to be constructed on the main artery/road.