Hyderabad: (Staff Report) Illegally abducted teacher, Naseer Kunbhar was released today after spending 48 hours in custody of unknown persons:Reports.

Mr. Kunbhar and two other persons naming Partab Shivani, A social worker and Umer Unar a political worker went missing two days ago from district Tharparkar in Sindh.

Naseer Kunbhar was picked up on a wrong information, after confirmation he was released by the kidnappers, said sources.

Social media activists took up the issue as Mr. Kunbhar and Mr Shivani were both well known for their social work and intellect.

The civil society claimed the kidnappings, a continuation of state operation against the intellect and free speech rights of Sindhi People.

The local police has denied all the kidnappings or illegal arrests, and have called it an act of unknown persons.

More that 100 people have been kidnapped from various districts of Sindh  in last seven days, Mr. Kumbhar is the first one to come back home among the recent kidnaps.