Shoukat Zardari
Journalist, USA

Pakistan will be celebrating its 70th independence day on August 14 but a normal Pakistani is still confused on the term of independence. A country with more than 200 million has still not got its direction and since last 7 decades the military is trying to save Pakistan through different politico- operational ways.

Pakistan was never feeling a threat of disintegration since the first military chief suspended constitution with the idea of saving Pakistan, from whom, still unknown. Since than the musical chair started to begin between military and civil establishments of Pakistan.

A common Pakistani has all the laws to abide but this law becomes optional to governing elite and military dictators of the country. we can openly criticize the civil bureaucracy of the country, but when we raise a question about the role of its military establishment our clock starts ticking anti clockwise.

There is no doubt that Pakistan is one of the world’s most important state and has its important role in the region but do Pakistanis have any role in their own country?, where all types of religious and unpatriotic verdicts are ready to eliminate anyone for practicing basic human right of speech.

Basically the direction went wrong when a parallel illegal justice system started in Pakistan, where military started abducting people and not bringing them in the court of law. Hundreds of Pakistanis are allegedly executed without any fair trial by Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies and hundreds are still missing.

No one has right to even raise a question about them and if you do so, you also face the same music. These activities specially become frequent before the independence day, as military fears that the Nationalist forces may create any problem on the day. No one has ever thought that why these people have turned into rebels?

There are many nationalist parties in Pakistan who have never been involved in any terrorist activities but many of their workers are also being abducted for charges, unknown to public. Pakistan has its anti terrorism laws where the miscreants or anti state terrorists can easily be convicted through proofs but unfortunately our military does not want to waste time to go through the legal process, except if they have any of their favorite terrorists like former Taliban Spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan.

Pakistan’s constitution has all necessary laws, if implemented, the country may prosper and become one of the world’s developed states but these laws may bring some generals to the court so Military never wants a law abiding country as they also have their own financial interests from Kashmir to Kandhar.

Our election system is not as fair as civilized countries have, if you look for the reason again you will find that few parties get intelligence agencies support to gain power and this is an open truth. The courts are reluctant to decide on missing persons case and are also reluctant to decide on two decades old Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s Petition, the only reason, Military.

Pakistan is still fighting an internal power war where politics and security matters need to be decided. If people of Pakistan gain political power and control over the security than there are chances that Pakistan may lead towards development, otherwise the CPEC may turn into an other east India company for colonized small provinces in the future.