Hyderabad: The convenor of Voice for missing Person’s movement, Punhal Sario was reportedly kidnapped from Hyderabad city of Sindh on Thursday evening. He was seen out side Khana Badosh Cafe, where writers forum had arranged  a conference regarding enforced disappearances to be held Today (Friday).

According to sources Punhal Sario was taken in a police vehicle with two uniformed constables and three to four officials in civil dress.

The Sindhi civil society has strongly condemned this act and civil society of Hyderabad city has protested for the recovery of all missing persons including Mr. Sario.

The Senior Superintendent of Hyderabad Police Mr Amjad Shaikh has reportedly denied any kidnapping or arrest by Hyderabad police. He called it an act of unknown persons.

The official page of voice for Missing person’s Sindh Posted about the abduction of Mr Sario reads as; “Convener of #VoiceForMissingPersonsOfSindh #PunhalSario has been abducted by law enforcement agencies of Pakistan today from Hyderabad.
We appeal to the #internationalCommunity , #UN , #AmnestyInternational , #AsianHumanRightsCommision, #HumanRightsWatch and all #WorldHumanRoghtsOrganizations to take the notice of enforced disappearances of 65 Political workers of sindh including the Convener of #VoiceForMissingPersonsOfSindh #PunhalSario”.
Despite the abduction of #Convener of #VMP the Writers Conference for missing Persons of sindh will be held tomorrow on 4th August 2017 in Press Club Hyderabad on 2 pm as per scheduled

The writer conference held in Hyderabad today.

The family has appealed the forces for urgent release of Mr. Sario. Family and civil society believes that Mr. Sario is kidnapped by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies as he had marched  last month for the recovery and release of other missing persons of Sindh.

The world Sindhi congress in a press release has condemned this act. The statement issued by the major Sindhi representative body in the world read as “It is ironically that person struggling for the enforced disappearances himself become victim of cruel practice.
We demand immediately release of Mr. Punhal Sario and end the practice of enforced disappearances”.

A newly formed Sindhi Organization of North America has also condemned such act, and demanded government to take action against such disappearances in Sindh.