Dubai: Torch tower, a 79 story residential building was under fire on Thursday Midnight, in famous Marina district of the city. The residents under panic, vacated the building immediately.

Debris could be seen spiraling to the ground across the famous Marina district of the city as the fire consumed multiple floors of the Torch Tower after midnight.

According to residents, the fire started on the 67th floor and kept on spreading to other floors. The residents reportedly quoted that, at midnight they woke up on fire alarms and heard people screaming and running outside the building.

Dubai Civil Defense said the fire had been brought under control and cooling operations were underway.

The incident may revive questions about the safety of materials used on the exteriors of tall buildings across the wealthy Gulf region and beyond.

The 1,100ft, 79-storey skyscraper, which is known to be popular with expatriate residents of the UAE city, was devastated by a fire in February 2015. There were no deaths in that fire.

The external cladding on the building was blamed for the rapid spread of the 2015 fire, leading to the decision to fully renovate the exterior cladding – works which began last summer and were believed to be ongoing.