Shoukat Zardari

We as a Pakistani society when hear the name Bhutto, we always imagine of a man addressing the millions of People, embracing poor or a man so innocent  victim of dictatorship, judiciary and a coward society. Then we think of Benazir Bhutto, a women with a history of political victimization, exiles, jails but not bowing down in a male dominant Muslim society.

Bhutto’s have grown the democracy in Pakistan by watering through their blood and now a new Bhutto has emerged. He is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, known as junior and his first media appearance has really shaken the Pakistani Society. Most big writers and intellectuals are confused, people feel sad because our stereotype society that had dreamed to see this Junior addressing National Assembly of Pakistan was filmed dancing in a club. Most of pond dwellers did not see why he was dancing or what his message was  in a 7 minutes long video. No one even tried to inquire about his article in Huffington Post Published on June 5, 2017.

A new Bhutto has chosen art over politics to fight the biggest violence, not only in Sindh or Pakistan, but at the World level. He prefers softness, colors, flowers over muscles, manly showoffs of power. In his video he says, when he does something that resembles other people’s ideas, they call him a “Queer Muslim”.

Who is he? A saint, a boy from financially rich family, a man with a history of family blood shed and sorrows?

Sindh believes in the message of Shah Abdul latif Bhittai, a well known saint of the land, who in the early 18th century, through his poetry gave a message of love, peace and harmony to the world, followed By Sachal Sarmast. Where shall I put this boy? Can I call him a continuity of love spreading Sindh, or a continuity of Sufiism? Or do I consider myself an idiot and expect him to jump into the dirt of politics and make his mission limited from election to election.

The great Zulfiqar Bhutto lived for poor people and died for them, gave them the awareness of their social and political rights; because that Bhutto lived in an era when there was no terrorism, hatred or violence. The new Bhutto faced violence on his door step when his father was killed in 1996. Knowing history and how his grandfather was judicially assassinated for power, his uncle Shahnawaz and later his aunt Benazir Bhutto.

He has also grown in the era of bombing in the name of Islam, Iraq destruction on the name of Democracy, Arab Spring on the name of revolution and India Pakistan Conflict on the name of Two nation theory. He has chosen humanity over color, creed, gender and race.

This is the need of the time and he does not care what people back in Pakistan think or say, his message is clear and acceptable to all who don’t belive in violence. Many in Pakistan Belive that art is an excellent way of expressing the reality and making it easy for people to understand and he has chosen art of softness and love. He has rejected the south Asia’s Taboo of manly show of power or  muscular power.

Many may not understand today but to me its quite clear that ZAB Shaheed tried to bring Muslim world together through his political philosophy and ZAB junior is on the mission to bring whole world together through his philosophy of softness and colors of love.