Shoukat Zardari

Whenever I write about Sindh Issues I always try to tell the world or at least give a glimpse of Indus valley History and always feel proud that we have arose from the ashes of rich culture and a society that preached values of humanity as their basic message to the World.

I am heart broken and shacked today, I can not share the pain in words when I saw the viral video of a women belonging to Hathoongo City near Khipro, who allegedly was dishonored in the public. With her torn clothes exposed on social media and was seeking justice from the people of Sindh, I would say So called civil society and selfie mafia of Sindh.

As decades old Practice of Sindh police for shutting the voice of people and performing rental duties for feudal political influentials, they responded the video with another video recorded after harassing her and warning her for bitter consequences if she did not agree to settle the issue.

Now lets move forward as our dead society is still confused to see the difference and cant’t decide where they shall stand or not , but still the main thing is not being highlighted by the media that the girl’s brother was in illegal police custody before this incident on the will of hotel owners, which to me seems as a pre planned game for attacking the family in the absence of any male at home and when the video went viral police released her brother. Sanghar police in the entire situation is playing the role of rental guards to the party who can afford them.

Now another incident of a 15 year old Raveeta Bai from district Tharparkar is forcibly kidnapped and converted on the name of Islam.

As I live abroad and social media is the only tool through which people contact me or share stories, sometimes its very hard to find the truth but from Razzaque Larik’s death to Raveeta’s conversion we as a Sindhi society need to get ready for funeral of our values and rich rich history of peace, love harmony, Self respect etc.

I don’t want to promote pessimism but do we have any other choice of being optimist? the politics has become a ground of vultures where everyone is  eating his share and society specially civil society or selfie mafia is only busy in self projection or trying to adjust themselves in the mob of political vultures.

We need to re examine ourselves, from closed schools to ruined hospitals we stayed silent but now its a matter of everyone’s honor. Now the incidents of dishonoring the daughters of Sindh are increasing frequently and our justice system is either in deep sleep or totally compromised to take up these serious social issues.

Khipro issue is a big challange for Ms Shazia Marri as an elected women MNA from the area, but unfortunately she has no time to visit the poor family, its the responsibility of “DON” politician Mr Roshan Deen Junejo also to support the victim on the basis of humanity (if they have).

Bilawal must take notice of the Tharparkar incident as he by being with hindus of Mithi on the occasion of Deewaali assured them for their protection so let me remind him that this is the time when Raveeta’s dad needs you to fulfill your promise of safety of Hindus.