Karachi: There are more than 400 vacant posts in the different departments of Sindh Government. There are no officials which shall be promoted and posted to fill out the administrative gap, Sindh Post has learned.

According to official sources, due to incompetent government and nepotism in Sindh many departments are actually being run by private persons and eligible officials are deprived of their genuine right of being promoted.

The sources revealed that that from grade 17 to grade 21, there are 415 seats vacant and govt has no officials to be posted in the departments.

The vacant posts include, 2 posts of grade 21, 41 posts of grade 20, 70 posts of grade 19, 100 posts of grade 18 and 200 posts of grade 17.

Another source upon contacting revealed that the Sindh government will soon promote some blue eyed officials before the general elections for their possible use in election rigging.