Shoukat Zardari

In April 2016 a group of 350 investigative journalists working with international consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ)  jolted the world politics with the revelation of multi billion dollars hidden money of Politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and celebrities in the offshore companies managed by a Panama Based firm Mossack Fonsseca.

This is considered the biggest leak ever in the history of journalism which exposed 11.5 million documents of black money worth Billions of Dollars. For at least the past 40 years, more than 130 rich, famous and/or politically powered people have hidden their fortunes in anonymous, offshore (and legal) shell companies, allowing them to skirt tax laws and make major money moves in the shadows.

The Pakistani Prime Minister and his family’s offshore companies were also revealed in the Panama Papers that really gave a breathing space to its opponents in Pakistan. Pakistan’s 2nd biggest opposition party first called a sit in demonstration to seek Prime Minister’s Resignation and later they agreed to go to the supreme court against the Prime Minister to get him disqualified for the alleged corruption and money laundering revealed in Panama Papers.

We have not seen in the political history of Pakistan where any civil leader would have resigned on the basis of any allegations, or accepting any responsibility with moral courage. in Short we don’t have any political culture of leaving public office until forced or kicked by Pindi eagles.

Imran Khan the Pakistan Tehreek I Insaf Chief as a petitioner filed a petition on the bases of Panama Leaks and majorly called that the PM has no moral authority to run the office as he and his family has looted Pakistan during his tenure.

After almost 4 months hearing by the five member bench The verdict has been announced on April 20, 2017. The Supreme court’s five member bench with a majority of 2-3 has decided to form a Joint Investigation team to investigate the Prime minister and his family on 13 Questions regarding their wealth and business set up.

After the verdict Pakistani media believed and projected the verdict of two senior Judges against Prime minister Sharif.  Not only Imran Khan but PML(N) Friendly opponent for four Years, Pakistan Peoples Party has also demanded resignation from the Prime minister.

The Opposition without any formal contacts yet Principally agrees on the one point agenda of Prime minister’s resignation, but PMLN leaders are defending the party chief with their full loyalty by not only using non Parliamentary language but also blaming their opponents for misdeeds.

As a Journalist I really feel amazed when I hear the blames of the ruling Party on regarding corruption of Asif Zardari and alleged corruption of Imran in charity funds of his Cancer hospital.

The federal ministers today in the past promised people pf Pakistan to take actions against the corrupt government of Zardari and for 4 years they did not take any actions and played a politics of back scratching and now when Zardari has started chanting “GO NAWAZ GO” the federal minister blame former President Zardari for corruption.

Pakistan is expecting elections next year but the opposition has already started their election campaigns by arranging big rallies. opposition is not only trying to give tough time to Nawaz Sharif but also making grounds for their own.

In last 72 hours Imran Khan succeeded to bring a large number of Public in Sindh’s Dadu District while Zardari showed his power in Mardan. In Dadu Imran Khan not only target Nawaz Sharif of corruption but also indicated to go after Zardari’s alleged corruption in Sindh.

Asif Zardari in Mardan reminded people for giving their Identity by changing province’s Name and promised to merge Federally administered tribal areas with KPK.

These all seem to be warm up exercises for upcoming elections, but role of sitting Prime minister is not seen in future polls as panama papers have brought a bad image and reputation to not only Nawaz Sharif but entire Sharif family.