NEW York (Shoukat Zardari) The leader of SPLM IO Dr Riek Machar Teny  has first time tweeted about the Pakistani Engineer Ayaz Hussain Jamali who was kidnapped by the nationalist fighters of South Sudan some 10 days ago.


In a series of tweets Dr Riek has said that they have not kidnapped Pakistani workers but the workers were extracted during the fight between pro government forces and SPLM fighters.

File Photo Of SPLM IO Leader Riek Machhar

He said that they have formed a  committee to investigate  about the involvement of Pakistani Engineer and other POW’s in the fight.
His tweet reads” We have formed a committee to investigate their involvement in the fight when govt troops attacked our defensive position in Guelguk”

The other tweet reads “We want to reiterate that the Pakistani Dar Petroleum workers were not kidnapped but extracted during the fighting in Adar State ”

He further tweeted “We expect the committee report on the two Pakistani Engineers and all others POW extracted in Guelguk fight soon”

Sindh post has already reported the same about the committee  of SPLM IO on March 22, 2017 on social media after a message exchange with the Spokesman of the Group.

The family of Engr. Ayaz Jamali has appealed the The SPLM IO leadership to release Mr. Jamali as he was only working in oil field and had already resigned from the Job.