KARACHI: (By: Ahmed A Channa ) The Sindh Assembly, which is allegedly headed by a politically-motivated Secretary, seems reluctant to honor the decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding posting and promotion of those repatriated on court’s orders, Sindh Post has learnt.
According to sources, the Supreme Court of Pakistan passed an order dated 22.2.2017 in CMA No 1171-K of 2016 repatriating all those absorbed in violation of rules and regulations. Sindh Assembly is the organization where an officer namely Muhammad Khan Rind, who was working as ADC East was repatriated and joined duties as Assistant Secretary BS-17.
Under the court’s orders, Mr Muhammad Khan Rind is entitled to the seniority and promotion with his batchmates as if he was never transferred or absorbed in any other department.
According to sources, the officer who has been repatriated has been wandering for justice as the Secretary Sindh Ghulam Muhammad Umar Farooque Buriro is reluctant to determine seniority and give promotion to the repatriated officer for the reasons best known to him. Moreover, the authorities are yet to issue charge assumption notification depriving him from his salary.
“The salary is not the bounty of state it is my legal, legitimate, fundamental and constitutional right. The stoppage of my salary of tantamount to forced labour which is expressly prohibited by the various articles of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973”, Muhammad Khan Rind told Sindh Post.
Interestingly, the job career of present Secretary Sindh Assembly Ghulam Muhammad Umar Farooque son of former secretary of the assembly Hadi Bux Buriro and his family members are what the ‘insiders claim’ ‘miracles-after-miracles’.
The ex-secretary Sindh Assembly Hadi Bux Buriro remained on the top post for the couple of years and had good relations with the ruling as well as opposition members of the legislative house. And, during his job Hadi Bux had got inducted his sons and nephew on different positions with the consent of former speakers.
The sons of Hadi Bux Buriro who were inducted in the Sindh Assembly’s positions included Ghulam Muhammad Umar Farooque, Rashid Hussain Buriro, Muzamil ur Rehman and Mumtaz Ali Buriro (nephew of ex secretary).
Interestingly, this was the first case in the history of Pakistan that a father handed over the government topmost official charge to his own son.

In 2014, the then secretary provincial assembly Hadi Bux Buriro handed over the charge upon his retirement to his beloved son Ghulam Muhammad Umar Farooque.

The officials of the Sindh Assembly Secretariat raised hue and cry against posting of junior official on the senior most position however no action was taken and the voices of depressed officials were pressed, sources added.

Ghulam Muhammad Umar Farooque, Secretary (BPS-21) was appointed as Assistant Research Officer (BPS-16) on January 16, 2006. Again, he was re-appointed as Assistant Secretary (BPS-17) after a gap of four months on May 24, 2006.

Then he was promoted directly as Additional Secretary (BPS-19) on June 27, 2009 and the post was upgraded from (BPS-19) to (B-20) and Nomenclature was changed as special secretary (BPS-20) on March 13, 2013. After all, the said official was promoted as secretary (BPS-21) on December 5, 2013.

It is very interesting that the post of secretary was upgraded from BPS 20 to BPS 21 in pursuant to the decision taken by the Finance Committee of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh in its meeting held on April 8, 2006 w.e.f 6.7.2006 till the said post is held by Hadi Bux Buriro, Ex Secretary (Father of Mr G M Umar Farooque) and such notification was issued vide No PAS/PF-32/98/2309 dated 20th July 2006.

Moreover, it is also important to note that the minutes of the Finance Committee were allegedly tampered and it was mentioned that the post of secretary is upgraded from BPS 20 to 21 with effect from 1st January 1999 till such time Hadi Bux Buriro held the said post.

Furthermore, sources opined that Muhammad Khan Rind would never be given due posting and promotion by the current Secretary Sindh Assembly as if he does, the repatriated officer would become the most senior officer of the Sindh Assembly Secretariat eligible for the post of Secretary which would never be accepted by the current Secretary.