Pakistan: The Founder of world’s Largest volunteer Ambulance Network Abdul Sattar edhi was honored by Google on its doodle on Tuesday Marking his 89th Birthday.

Edhi Born in Batava India on February 28, 1928, came to Pakistan after Partition of India in 1947. A year after Pakistan came into being this young man started his charity work and he carried that throughout of his life.

Google appreciated this man who died in July last year for his work and his struggle for humanity.

He considered humanity the biggest belief and he lived with this belief in a country like Pakistan where people have become enemies of each other on the name of community, sect, beliefs.

where ever there was a terrorist attack in Pakistan or in any violence situation you will still find Edhi Ambulance first.

Edhi had not only found an Ambulance network but he also saved thousands of infants who were thrown away by their parents over the fear of adultery in an Islamic society.