Shoukat Zardari / Journalist

The terrorism which Pakistan is fighting today has not just emerged recently but it was properly launched and fed for years and now have become a complete tree having its branches from Afghanistan to all over the region.

This discord was planted almost four decades ago to bring USSR down and the executors of this discord thought it will only serve for a time being and will leave strong roots of remote power of Pakistan in the region. But it turned when the planners of this discord sitting thousands of miles away changed their game plan after 9/11.

The Mujahideen of Afghan Jihad turned into the enemies (seemingly) of old friends and again the recruiters of these mujahidin provided land, air and sea routes to bring the Mullah Omer’s Government down. The then dictator Musharaf en cashed the incident of 9/11 and sold Pakistan to get his dictatorship endorsed by USA.

Pakistan Army is one of the world’s best Army but its chiefs like Zia and Musharraf misused it in the name of Allah and so called definition of National interest. These decisions of solo flight not only demoralized the military but also defamed it in the history of the region.

As an observer I might have seen it in the other way but still there is confusion because of our long term strategy of being a double gamer in the region. As a well known saying, “If you set someone’s house on a blaze, don’t forget that the flames may burn yours too”. Pakistan got into the same fire and was left helpless and blamed by those who used Pakistan in the past.

The war was brought to home which had no connections to Pakistani people and the twin towers in New York cost Pakistan’s more than 70 thousand innocent lives. The war of others started to bring USSR down traveled a journey of hundreds of miles and has reached to warm waters of Pakistan.

This is not a paid story or cooked up facts this is the brutal truth of Pakistan’s Military establishment’s history which is still not being corrected properly. The good grapes (terrorists) are being stocked in the name of house arrests and the bad one’s (who once were the good one’s) are being knocked down to clear the roots of discord.

I don’t understand that what our military wants to achieve or has achieved so far in more than ten military operations which never ended and every time a new incident makes them launch a new operation, not telling people the complete report of the previous one.

The country rich in its natural resource and geographic importance has not been able to sustain at its own and we still go for foreign aid and loans. The billions of dollars are spent every year on the name of security but in last decade it was only 2015 and 2016 where Pakistan was calm. After the retirement of Raheel Sharif the terrorists are back out of their hideouts and once again have started killing innocent people on the name of their Islam.

The Operation “Radd Ul Fasaad” may not achieve its targets and may not completely wipe out the terrorism from the country until “blue eyed” militants are not sent to hell. Feeding militancy for any country it self is a suicide and we did it years ago,

Pakistan has been fighting this war first for Kashmir and then for USA in Afghanistan. For the war in Kashmir we see a logic of helping innocent Kashmiri’s against Indian atrocities but Afghan Jihad was a mess, as former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto once called it a cancer and she predicted its affects on Pakistan in the future.

The civil government has no control on foreign policy and no involvement of peoples representatives make it more hard for a country to provide a clear road towards friendships and enemies . It does not mean that the establishment doesn’t want Pakistan to prosper but it is understood through history that the Generals’ foreign policies are always on two extremes. These policies only give you either allies or enemies for war.

The nation of 200 million people with a history of peace and love is thrown in fire and only God knows when this fire settles down.