Karachi: The Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah said that he was first informed at 7:05 pm on Thursday about the Sehwan Blast. I was in Shock and had an idea of causalities, He was Talking to Mujahid Bralevi in his show.

Murad Ali Shah said, the Sehwan hospital was operational and there were eight ambulances available at first. The hospital has 50 beds with one trauma center with capacity of 10 beds.

Its all baseless to say that no any minister was present, reality is the opposite. Health minister left for Hyderabad at 7:30 pm, we were awake for whole night said Chief Minister.

We reacted immediately for rescue, but people on social media propagated that the Government was not efficient. It is very sad that people have focused on criticizing Sindh Government but not the terrorists who actually are responsible for the loss of innocent lives, said Murad Ali Shah.

People are satisfied, the law and order situation in Sindh is under control,  no one has shown the anger in Sehwan, seems only media is angry with us, claimed Mr Shah.

Murad Ali Further said, We have informed the federal government about dubious madrassas but they seem reluctant to take action.

While answering a question about military courts he said that the Peoples party is discussing the issue of Military courts, soon our leadership will decide looking at the situation.

He has shown confidence in Sindh police and said that the Police has already controlled the situation in the 90’s and have capability to do so, but later on what happened to police officials was unfortunate that’s why Sindh government called for Rangers.