Shoukat Zardari Journalist

A well known Sufi Saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine came under a suicide blast on Thursday evening where more than 80 people lost their lives and more than 100 were injured including women and children.

The Terrorists of ISIS claimed the responsibility of murdering the innocent citizens and must have celebrated their so called victory for the sake of newly defined wrong meaning of Islam.

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine is known as the soul of secular Islam as the visitors on the Shrine forget, what faith or religion they belong to, what color or creed they have, they all become Malangs of the Lal Qalandar. The colors of life, the beads of Dhamal make everyone get to the height of peace of Mind in these shrines.

People of deprived society of Sindh and Pakistan consider shrines as a hope for their problem resolution, they Pray God through these sufi saints for their better lives, some will come to pray as God may bless them with child. Majority of poor people also show their presence to get free food on these shrines to feed their family.

The city of Sehwan is always seen moving as everyday thousands of Lal’s followers visit the shrine.

These shrines are always an easy target for the terrorists to explode, as they know that the government earn millions from these shrines but never spends the money for security and other basic health facilities in these areas. Same thing happened here, just after blast there were only two ambulances in the area of high security alert announced by the government.

It was expected that the terrorists after giving a blood bath in other provinces of Pakistan will definitely target Sindh also but our rulers have memorized a routine statement of condemning the attack and then do nothing to stop such attacks in the future. They also learn no lessons from the previous attacks as in November 2016 Shah Noorani Shrine was also under a suicide attack where majority of deaths were the result of no road communication and Near by Hospitals.

Qalandar’s lovers were not rescued immediately with ambulances and the hospital in the area was almost non functional but the threat was there, life of people was in danger but no precautionary measures were taken.

Many could not make to hospitals which were near not less than a 100 kilometers, dead bodies were taken on Motorcycles Quinqis, donkey carts and rest of  the body parts were thrown in the drain and dump of the city.

Pakistan Peoples party is ruling Sindh since 2008 and the chief Minister Sindh also contests elections from the same constituency,  despite of getting votes every time, in return the ruling party could  not build a better hospital in the area.

Being a strong critic of PPP I will not hold PPP responsible for the mess, because their election campaigns are always designed on the name of Bhutto. The Bhutto who himself was hanged by the corrupt system of the country at the peak of his popularity. So I will not blame the party but the faith blind public who has been voting a dead body for last 4 decades.

People of Sindh and their innocence is responsible for all this mess as they know that the feuds of their party are feeding criminals and no wonder as their might be terrorists under a social contact of election stealing mafias.

This is not the first time that the Sindh government is exposed, it has happened many times before. PPP always claims it self as one of  the target of terrorists and make themselves safe by having huge security on public money. you may take me wrong but why such party after Benazir Bhutto Shaheed is never targeted, they claim to have hundreds of thousands people on the death anniversary of their leader but we never see a security lapse in that, presence of Ambulances in advance but when it comes to secure the Sufi soul of Sindh they always have excuses.

The People of Sindh have given a strong message to the terrorists just hours after the blast, The beads of Dhamal were back, people gathered again to pay tribute to Qalandar Lal, they were seen praying God as routine. The same message is very much needed for the government of Sindh, who has been making millions and billions through leak pipe of Corruption.