Garhi Khero: (Staff Reporter) An eight year old student died due to the collapse of a wall in under construction school building in Faizal Faqeer area of Baluchistan.

Government Primary School Ghulam Nabi Lashari’s building work was in Progress and students were attending classes near the under construction building. Suddenly a wall collapsed which took life of a third grade student Sanwal S/O Dad Mohammad Lashari, Locals told Sindh Post.

The villagers also accused contractor for using low standard material which caused the tragedy. They have demanded the provincial government to take notice of the issue and also direct authorities to check the material being used in School building construction.

The father of the deceased child while Talking to Sindh Post expressed his concerns on the building material he was heard saying that “the corruption took life of my Son”. If a building can’t sustain during construction than how long will it last? Questioned Dad Mohammad.