KANDHKOT: The district administration of Kashmore at Kandh Kot seems reluctant to obey supreme court orders to take action against alleged Government land grabbing by Former District Nazim Salim Jan Mazari and PPP MPA Abdul Rauf Khoso, Sindh Post has learnt.

Local Broadcast Journalist Pir Bux Bhangwar filed a petition in the supreme court of Pakistan  against the above mentioned influential men for occupying government Peroperty in the district and using it personally. The petition was filed last year after which Supreme Court ordered the then commissioner Larkana  to Take  notice via letter dated September 30th 2016.

After this letter the Government officials instead of taking quick actions went for official procedures to delay any action against the will of political lords  in the area.

Pir Bux while Talking to the Sindh Post revealed that the hundreds of acre of Government land is entered on private persons name in the old dates and revenue records are tempered and forged to facilitate the feuds.

Pir Bux revealed that 5 acre lands of Irrigation Bungalow is now turned into a market with hudreds of shops, Government owned fish and meat market,  old Mukhtiarkar Office and residence, area of Jail Ghat, PPL Gas company plot and some part of Government Hospital land is also occupied and the record is tempered

He further revealed, this is not it! there are many plots allotted to close people of the political leaders and newly built public park is also under the use of Mr. Mazari. The Records of Police quarters, Old Stadium office, Sindh Small Industries, Railway Land and water supply land records are also forged by the local officials to facilitate the corrupt lords.