Imtiaz Mir, Journalist/Analyst

No doubt PPP is secular & liberal party & sacrificed more than other right wing political parties for the democracy & PPP is the only political party that has given matchless sacrifices for restoration of the democracy even Shaheed BB had sacrificed her life for the purpose.

But in difficult time nawaz sharif made a deal with Pervaiz Musharraf and ran away in the darkness of night from Pakistan to Jeddah in a private jet belonging to the Saudi royal family and left his party & the nation in the darkness of dictatorship..

Mr sharif agreed not to take part in politics in Pakistan for 10 years and any political activity while in Saudi Arabia and he was agreed to pay a fine of $500,000. The deal was shame end to Mr. Sharif’s political career but Shaheed BB in the interest of Pakistan reconciled with Nawaz Sharif.

PMLN & PTI like minded Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) defend it’s attacks on politicians, claim that they target liberal political parties for their secular ideology/doctrine and support for military operations.

Imran khan wanted TTP to open their office in Pakistan, Munwar Hassan called Hakim Ullah Mehsud “Shaheed” & Shahbaz Sharif urged the Taliban not to carry attacks in  Punjab because PMLN & Taliban are fighting for same cause & shared same ideas.

Imran khan voted Pervaiz Musharraf for fraud Refrendum in 2002 for the reason he thought Musharraf would make him Prime Minister. But then later on when Musharraf showed him a red flag and formed Q league, Imran just turned against Musharraf not for Pakistan & Democracy.

Imran khan should understand that political liberties enjoyed by him today the outcome of sacrifices rendered by democratic leader Shaheed BB worked tirelessly for three decades, leading the fighting against dictators General Zia & General Musharraf.