Washington DC:The United States President Donald Trump in response to a question asked by Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly has said that Iran has no respect for US and it is a “Terrorist” state sending weapons all over.

In an Interview recorded with Fox news President Trump when asked about the nuclear deal with Iran said, “it is a disaster” and further asked about tearing it up, he was heard saying” They have total disregard for our country, they are a terrorist state, they are sending money all over the place and weapons and can do that”. He did not hint any possible military options against Iran.

President Trump’s Interview clips on Fox

While Talking about Putin his answer has shaken the political corridors of the United states. When O’Reilly said Putin is a Killer, the president said “we got a lot of killers, do you think our country is so innocent?”.

President Trump also emphasized about getting along with Russia against ISIS but he did not say, when that will happen.

President Trumps interview will be telecasted on Monday on Fox news