KARACHI: (By Aftab Channa) Despite the  passage of more than three years, Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA) seems reluctant to honor  orders of the Sindh High Court (SHC) and the Sindh Ombudsman to ensure appointment of 30 meritorious candidates who became victims of favoritism and nepotism, it is learnt.

The insiders told Sindh Post  that STEVTA had announced various posts of BS-2 to BPS-17 through daily newspapers dated 23.2.2012 for recruitment throughout the province of Sindh. In response to the advertisement, a large number of candidates had applied for the jobs advertised.

After finalization of recruitment process, some candidates who could not be appointed, had approached the provincial ombudsman Sindh and filed their respective complaints wherein they alleged gross irregularities, nepotism, favoritism etc in the recruitment process, sources said.

After finalizing the investigation, sources added that the provincial ombudsman Sindh passed a decision on 23.4.2013 in which he pointed out several irregularities, nepotism, favourtism, gross maladministration etc and directed the MD STEVTA to appoint following six complainants who had secured higher marks in NTS Test in replacement of the favored appointees.

Interestingly, the STEVTA authorities having felt aggrieved by the above said decision, filed a representation before the Governor of Sindh who exercising his powers vested in him vide Section 32 of Establishment of the Office of Ombudsman for the province of Sindh Act, 1991, dismissed the said appeal by the authority.

In pursuance of the above order, the consultant, provincial ombudsman Sindh required the Managing Director, Sindh STEVTA to appear in the hearing fixed for March 31, 2016,, wherein the Consultant directed the Managing Director Stevta to implement the decision of Ombudsman in letter and spirit.

The Stevta authorities, while delaying the matter, forwarded a summary to the Chief Minister House for approval however the said is still awaited.

The candidates included Raza Ali Bhatti, qualified for post of Deputy Assistant Director Finance, Mst Marvi Qazi, Assistant Director/Deputy Assistant Director Finance, Abdul Rahim Abro, Deputy Assistant Director (Admin), Muhammad Saeed Deputy Assistant Director (Finance), Abdul Hafeez Deputy Assistant Director (Finance), Shah Hussain Dahesar Assistant Director (Finance), Saira Abbasi, Accountant, Abdul Rehman Baloch, Junior Instructor, Saeed Ahmed, Junior Instructor, Asif Raza, Riaz Ahmed, Shakil Ahmed, Imran Khan, Mushtaq Ali, Zahid Ahmed, Junior Instructors, Nazeer Ahmed, Accountant, Engr Tariq Hussain, Junior Instructor, Intisar Hussain Phul, Computer Operator, Raziq Dino, Junior Instructor, Askari Zamin Ali, Junior Instructor, Mst Saba Jalil, Assistant DP, Haridas, Gunah Das and Khan Muhammad, Junior Instructor,

Mrs Abida Parveen, Vocational Teacher, Raziuddin Siddiqui, Junior Clerk, Imran Hyder Memon, Deputy Assistant Director, Zohaib Ayoub Soomro, Junior Instructor, Imtiaz Habib, Junior Instructor and Imran Ali, Junior Instructor.