Washington DC: President Donald Trump over his phone conversation on January 28 with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull went tough over the “Refugee Deal” between both the countries and called it a “Dumb Deal” and instead of Planned an hour call the US president hanged the call after 25 minutes, Reported Washington Post.
This report was not officially confirmed till Wednesday evening when Donald Trump Tweeted the deal as a dumb deal. His tweet reads as, “Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal”
This News was again Confirmed in National Prayers program on Thursday Morning when President Trump while addressing the audience said,” You may have heard about some tough calls, Yes we need to make some tough calls.
Though Turnbull declined to confirm the report, he also didn’t deny it, apart from rejecting one detail — that Trump had hung up on him. The prime minister insisted his country’s relationship with the U.S. remained strong, and that the refugee deal with the U.S. was still on.
At one point, Trump informed Turnbull that he had spoken with four other world leaders that day — including Russian President Vladi­mir Putin — and that “this was the worst call by far.”
Australia and the U.S. have enjoyed the coziest of relationships for decades, collaborating on everything from military and intelligence to diplomacy and trade. Yet an irritable tweet President Donald Trump fired off about Australia and a dramatic report of an angry phone call between the nations’ leaders proves that the new U.S. commander in chief has changed the playing field for even America’s staunchest allies.