Karachi: Newly Appointed Governor Sindh in a response to a social media campaign has said that he is an Urdu speaking from Karachi, the propaganda of calling him a Punajb origin Pakistani is wrong.

Governor Sindh in a series of tweets has responded to the criticism on Federal Government for appointing a Punjab based man as Governor Sindh. His first tweet read as ” Just to clarify. I am from Karachi and living here since December 71. My father was in army and since his retirement in December 71, we are in Karachi”.


In his second tweet he said ” Punjab is Dynamic Province and everything about it is great. This Propaganda that I am from Punjab is wrong. Urdu Speaking Proud Karachiite.

PMLN Government is being criticized on social media by civil society of Sindh over the appointment of Muhammad Zubair as a Governor Sindh. Social media activist have shown anger for not picking someone from Sindh Province for the post.