Shoukat Zardari Journalist

President Donald J Trump’s executive order is widely discussed on media all over and just signing such controversial executive order has already put a strong pressure over White House.

There are at least three major Muslim countries where the United States troops are fighting a war against terrorism with all support from the people and government of these countries. US Media with different perspective not only being biased against the Ban but is also of the view that the countries barred through this ban are never found for any terrorism activities on US soil.

Thousands of Americans are on the streets over such divisive order of the President and urging to revoke it.  President Trump despite of criticism from all over the world and inside the US stands firm over the executive order.

American Dream:

Millions of People around the world like the United states for being a savior of freedom, a freedom that makes humans first but since Mr. Trump has taken the office there are chaos, fear and threat to millions which not only include families but also talented Muslim Students studying in various universities on Non immigrant Visas from the Muslim World. America has always been a land of Immigrants including Mr. Trumps family is a clear example of American dream as his grand father Frederick Christ Trump came to the United States as an Immigrant from Germany in 1885. His family worked hard and made Mr. Trump able to be not only a successful businessman but the President of the United States.

Challenges Abroad:

There is no doubt that different thoughts prevail about the United States in the Muslim World some call the US a friend but some this it as the masters but current shift in the foreign policy clearly divides Muslim World in the eyes of America as Good Muslims or Bad Muslims. The US media Since the signing of the executive Orders have started raising questions regarding Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the wake of recent terrorist attacks.

Analysts don’t  call in favorable for US to Ban people on the basis of their religion but the officials close to Mr. Trump are not only defending this order but also calling it not a “Muslim Ban”. In recent tweet of Mr. Trump he has clearly called it a Ban.

American public is seen angry on this executive order and there are protestors over more than 90 Airports of the country with banners against this travel Ban. The protests have yet gave some positive results as the green card holders of seven Muslim Majority countries who were initially being barred to enter the US can now enter.

The closure of Refugees program may also give a chance to terrorist forces to propagate against the US and may brainwash more people by calling it a war of religion. This can make America a little safe at home but puts life and logistic support of thousands of troops at stake abroad.