Washington DC: President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed executive order which he called a big day for national security by putting ban on immigrations from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia, US media Reported.

President also ordered to start building wall on Mexican Border and also opening of CIA’s secret detention and torture cells which were shut down by Obama administration. He also said will punish cities through funds who are shielding illegal immigrants.

“We do not need new laws,” Trump said Wednesday during remarks at the Department of Homeland Security. “We will work within the existing system and framework.”



The centerpiece of the measures Trump signed was an order to jumpstart construction of his promised U.S.-Mexico border wall. He also ordered cuts in federal grants for immigrant-protecting “sanctuary cities” and a boost in the number of border patrol agents and immigration officers, pending congressional funding.

Less than a week into his presidency, Trump has moved aggressively to put his stamp on a range of policies, including steps to gut the healthcare system devised by his predecessor, and make clear that as president he is not turning toward more moderate positions than he took as a candidate.

His directives on Wednesday signaled a tough action toward the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants already in the United States, most from Latin America, whom he already has threatened to deport, Reported Media.

As a candidate, Trump tapped into the immigration concerns of some Americans who worry both about a loss of economic opportunities and the threat of criminals and terrorists entering the country. His call for a border wall was among his most popular proposals, and supporters often broke out in chants of “build that wall” during rallies

“We are going to restore the rule of law in the United States,” Trump told an audience that included relatives of people killed by illegal immigrants at the Department of Homeland Security after signing two executive orders.