Larkana: Larkana Press club, which was sealed by district administration on Tuesday after a fight between two journalist groups, is “de sealed” on Wednesday afternoon, Local Media Reported.

The journalist groups lead by S Iqbal Babu and Zafar Abro came in a fight when supporters of Zafar Abro tried to get it vacated by putting corruption and misuse charges on Babu’s Group.

After written request by both the groups, the deputy commissioner sealed the Club to avoid any violence in both groups.

President Larkana Press Club S Iqbal Babu with other Journalists in the club

According to the Pictures posted by journalists of S Iqbal Babu Group show them inside the premises of the club after the club was de sealed.

Two Journalists congratulating each other after de sealing of the club

On the other side the Journalists of Karachi also protested in Sindh Assembly over the closure of the club by administration.

They Chanted against the closure of the press club and in solidarity with local journalists they boycotted the coverage of Sindh Assembly session