Dadu: A BHP run Zamzama gas field in Dadu district seems ignorant of their social corporate responsibility, the areas surrounding the field are not developed and funds go in corruption, Sources told Sindh Post.

The Members of the community Ittehad in a message told Sindh Post that the field is a complete failure in social welfare of the area, people are deprived of basic necessities. Despite of earning a revenue of billions of rupees the public is not even facilitated with drinking water.

The members of the Ittehad further questioned that where did those billions go which were supposed to be spend on the welfare of the community. They have urged Sindh government to interfere for the betterment of the area producing gas worth billions of Rupees.

The gas field in the past signed an agreement stating 12% of the profit to be spent on the social welfare of the community but still that agreement is not followed by the field officials.