Washington DC: (By Shoukat Zardari ) Newly elected US President Donald J Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Replacing Barrack Obama, in an inaugural ceremony held in Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Friday.

President Donald J Trump and Barrack Obama coming to the Inauguration ceremony in the Limo

Donald Trump, without a prior political experience has finally made to the president office after winning the presidential elections and winning more than 280 electoral votes in November 2016 elections. US Chief Justice John Roberts took oath from the President.

Donald J Trump and Barrack Obama

The transition of Power from a Democratic President to a Republican took Place before the west front of the doomed US capitol where former Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, dignitaries and hundreds of thousands of US citizens were present.

In his first policy speech, he focused on the words “America First”. we will build America again with American labor, said Donald Trump.

” we will eradicate Radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth completely” said the president. He further said, will take country forward in job creation and development.

The government is once again taken by the people of the United States, the forgotten man and women will be no longer  forgotten again, said Trump.

This day will always be Remembered in the history as the government goes back in the hands of the people of the United States, Said Trump.

The ceremony was held under the gray sky with light rain. According to unofficial reports at least 800,000 people attended the ceremony while millions watched its live telecast around the world.