Thari Mirwah: The residents of village Allah dino Faqeer are being mistreated and victimized through illegal use of police. They are being forced to withdraw civil suit of land against the illegal occupancy of their agriculture land.

Sindh Post’s Public Voice team was contacted by the victims who seemed harassed and were afraid of their lives. The villagers include Rabait Khatoon, Hajani, Momin Ali, Raja Khan, Sher Khan and others.

In their complaint they told Sindh Post that AG Sukkur Liaqat Shar and his brother Sajjad Shar, who is inspector in food dept have grabbed our land. “we are poor residents but to save our property we peacefully used our right for justice, they are powerful, they don’t want us to appear in the court” said Momin Ali.

“They are using police and have lodged fake complaints to victimize us and harass us. Police came to harass us  and tortured our family members. we just want justice and protection from the state” victims told Sindh Post.

They said they have protested and requested government to take actions against law violators but no one has heard our cries yet. They also appealed PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto to take action against the influential and help them get justice