Karachi: The Son of a victim died in Reagent Plaza Hotel fire incident has claimed that his father had survived but the negligence of the hotel management killed his father.

In a message sent to Sindh Post Mr. Raju Jamali, the son of deceased doctor and district health officer of Badin, Mohammad Alam Jamali, has claimed, “around 6 am on Dec 5, 2016 we were told that the hotel is sealed now and nobody is left behind. we were panicked, my uncles rushed towards hospitals where the dead bodies and injured were taken.”

Mohammad Alam Jamali File Photo

He further said “The hospital management only gave us list where we did not see our father’s name in the list. we kept on begging the hotel management to re check but they kept on refusing. Finally around 5 pm, we got inside the hotel and my uncle found my father dead in the restroom of room no. 218.”

Raju Questioned Sindh Government that his father was staying in the hotel for a Government meeting, he died on his duty but government is still silent, no one is taking any action against the hotel management and case is being treated as an incident.

Government letter for meeting held on Dec 5, 2016

It happened to us and 11 other families, but to save others from such tragedies in the future the government must take action against the hotel management, said Mr. Jamali.

At least 12 people were killed and 75 injured due to fire incident in one of the Karachi’s famous hotel on the early morning of December 5, 2016.