Karachi: The arrested target killer Imran has revealed that he has lived in India two times as an absconder here, He also accepted murdering 52 people in Karachi on political motivation of MQM related sector in charges and gang leaders.

“I have gone to India twice in 2013 & 2014  and stayed for 25 and 35 days with my relatives in Panchmaal area of Gujrat” admitted Imran.

According to joint interrogation report, Imran worked with an eight member group of target killers which was lead by Ilyas Baba. He admitted killing a man naming Siraj on the orders of sector in charge Ali Raza from 11-G sector in 2011. He also admitted killing workers of different religious organizations to create sectarian violence in the city.

Imran further revealed killing three senior citizens in Book Market, sister of a Sunni Tehreek Worker, we also killed Hussain Chania, Noor Mohammad, an unknown girl.

MQM has denied all revelations or any contact of said people with its party. A leader of MQM on the condition of not showing name told Sindh Post that the state authorities have all right to investigate any matter but they feel the fair practice is not being followed.

You can not blame MQM just on the statement of a criminal, there has been many statements and video confessions against MQM but none of these are proved yet. He called it a political victimization and defamation of MQM through media by connecting every Target killer with the Party.

According to reported Data in 2016, 45 persons were killed as compared to 159 in 2015