Shoukat Zardari Journalist

Sindh which is known as the land of Sufi saints and people of high intellect  is rapidly changing into a well of uneducated mob and rental intellect. you may call it a sweeping statement but it is a bitter reality of today’s Sindh.

Political ideology seems dead and replaced by feudal loyalty for petty interests of several parts of the society. calling bad a bad is a tale of history and people with sharp mind in crimes and corruption getting strong day by day.The law of the land is easily bought and sold. Judges decide with the weight of  currency, police has become a rental militia or political safeguard of interests on any choice. Raising voice is a punishable sin and staying silent is a sign of relief in today’s Sindh. Do you think that we are on the way to solution or getting more in the mud of problems?

Democracies ( developed or under developed)  in the world are based on certain rules, the rules which not only protect public interests but also safeguard those interests. Unfortunately the Democracy in Sindh is only for the safeguard of political interest through all means of lawlessness, corruption, favoritism, nepotism and all those isms with negative meanings.

We don’t disagree or can never question anyone’s personal decision but by analyzing the current changes of political loyalties we can clearly see that  many opposition democrats are in haste of gaining power, a power that only gives them supremacy over a police station where they can enjoy the power of democracy by getting opponents or democratic oppressors arrested.

The provincial level political personalities in their own wasted interests are locked down to local level where they only see fruits of democracy in the development funds and just make it a simple living with expensive cars and newly built bungalows on public money.

whether you call it a political magic of Pakistan Peoples party or you call it hunger for power but in recent years the scenario is totally changed. Strong opposition parties are either under a silent deal or got in mess due to their own gang styled politics. I see a big loser in all this scene, who is not other than a common man.

I will not put blame on the political elite only, the common man is also equally responsible for imposing feudal democracy in Sindh. Different groups of public make deals with the electable faces. These deals quickly face the fate of breach after elections but public again signs the same deal with same people without any accountability to previous breaches of the contracts of social justice.

I don’t see a big change in at least coming five years as the entire system is under attack of  a greed virus. This virus is not only dividing public but ruling class also and the only antidote to this virus lies with the public