New York: (Shoukat Zardari) US President-elect Donald Trump in a press conference has accused US spy agencies as reminiscent of NAZI’s. He turned down leaks by intelligence agencies that lead to  unsubstantial reporting by some media outlets claiming, he was  caught in compromising with Russia.

The President-elect for the first time acknowledged Russian hacking but he only believed that only Democratic National Committee computers and emails  of some top democrats were hacked during election 2016 campaign. He also said that other countries also hack US systems, its not only Russia.

He escalated fight with US Spy agencies by cooking them on the leaks to media.

“I think it was disgraceful, disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out. I think it’s a disgrace, and I say that … that’s something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do,” Trump told a news conference in New York.

Trump’s comments are likely to intensify tensions between U.S. intelligence agencies and the president-elect, who initially disparaged their conclusion that a Russian government hacking campaign was aimed at boosting his candidacy against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

President-Elect Donald Trump’s Press conference is now a talk of the town all over the world. His statement regarding the spy agencies just 9 days before his coronation is being seen as of extra importance not only in USA but all over the world.