Tej Bahadur Yadav on facebook introduced himself as an Indian Soldier deployed in Kashmir. He has posted a series of videos on his facebook account, complaining about food provided to them.

“A lot of times we go to sleep hungry,” the soldier adds, saying their breakfast consists of a “burnt paratha” with tea, and tasteless lentils for lunch and dinner.

Tej Bahadur Facebook video

He is seen saying ” we know Indian Government send us food, but don’t know where it goes”. He is also requesting his facebook viewers to share this video maximum as  it reaches to the authorities in Delhi.

I am shifted to Battalion headquarters and asked about the video, said Yadav while speaking to private Indian Tv.

He further said to Indian media “after complaining many times I just used my basic human right to tell my Government, if authorities think I have not opted the right way to complain then what can I say”

India in fiscal year 2016-17 has allocated 3.4 trillion rupees $51 Billion)  for defense budget but after the release of the video the authorities have shocked to see and now investigating that where are the funds going for soldiers food.