Badin: The provincial government of Sindh seems ignorant regarding school buildings turned into ruins for years. Sindh province is under education emergency these days.

School cieling at its worst. Primary school Usman Khaskheli

The pictures recieved by Sindh Post show a primary school named “Primary school Mohammad Usman Khakheli” building in its worst condition.


The residents while complaining with Sindh post said that the elected representative show no interest for the school and children attend classes in open air under Sky due to fear of building colapse at any time.

“we hold local administration responsible for this condition of the school building, officials have paid no attention even after many complaints and requests, villagers told Sindh Post.

The school was inaugrated in 1996 since than no maintanace work is carried out. We dont know about the teachers appointed here. We have one volunteer that teaches students in the school, villagers said.

Inaugration stone of the school. Photo Sindh Post

Sindh Post tried to get comments of the local officials but no one responded any calls or messages.