Karachi: Sindh Government’s heavy vehicles are illegally dumped in Humayoon house, Garden west near fawara chok Karachi, Sources told Sindh Post.

The pictures received by Sindh post show Government vehicles in worst condition and some of them are in use of a 17 grade officer Hammad Chachar, who is known as the front man of Pakistan Peoples Party’s President Asif Ali Zardari’s step Brother Owais Muzzafar Tappi.

According to Sources the vehicles include a Toyota Vigo with plate number GSA 346, a Pajero with plate number GS- 2222, a Vigo with Plate Number GS-7168 and Toyota van with number plate GSA 389.

The issue of Government vehicles was taken up in media sometime ago but most of the blue eyed low grade officers are still given heavy vehicles which are of no use to them and depreciating in their personal garages or hidden dumps.

The sources told Sindh Post,  Sindh Government is totally ignorant of these expensive vehicles and have no plan for recovering these vehicles.