Karachi: Pakistan Peoples Party Member of the National Assembly, Imran Zafar Laghari’s front man Azhar laghari Looted more than 30 million from the people of his constituency NA-233 on the promise of getting them government jobs, Source told Sindh Post.

Azhar Ali Khan Laghari ( The Front man of MNA )

According to evidence with the Sindh post Azhar laghari took bribes between 300,000 Pak rupee to one million from the residents of Dadu district to get them jobs but none of the promises were fulfilled. when people demanded their money back, they were harassed of bitter consequences.

Some of the victims were given checks of a private bank’s Hyderabad branch with Account title Azhar Ali Khan and account number PK56ALFH0045001003590780. These checks were bounced and people never got their money back.

PPP’s Sindh government is largely defamed of selling Govt. jobs merit seems an old folk tale in the province but government officials never agree to such claims of bribes in Job Seeking.

Sindh Post tried to get the comment of the MNA Imran Zafar but his phone was un attended. An other party leader from PPP on the condition of not showing name confirmed that Azhar Khan is very close to MNA but he can not confirm about the particular case of bribes.