Florida: A man carriyng Military ID opend fire on Fort Lauderdal Hollywood International airport areoud 2:30 pm Local time. At least 5 people are reported dead and 8 reported Injured.

The suspect in the first shooting was identified as Esteban Santiago, Fla. Sen. Bill Nelson told reporters. He said Santiago was carrying a military ID, but did not elaborate
The airport had tweeted that there was an “ongoing incident” at the Terminal 2 baggage claim and that all services were temporarily suspended. The terminal serves Delta Air Lines and Air Canada

A former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer¬†was also at the airport at the time of the shooting and tweeted that “everyone is running

The office of Florida Gov. Rick Scott said state law enforcement have not confirmed a motive behind the shooting.

The airport is the 21st busiest in the United States and serves 21 different airlines. Nearly 2.5 million people passed through the airport in November, according to a county government report.