Hyderabad: Sindh University Student Naila Rind committed suicide, no marks of torture found on the body. She used sleeping pills before hanging herself, Police officials said in a press conference.

Police officials Deputy Inspector General Khadim Rind told reporters, Naila Rind, a 26 years student from Sindhi department of Sindh University was falsely trapped in love with Anees Khaskheli and after refusal of marriage she was heart broken and acted emotionally to such extreme.

DIG Hyderabad Khadim RInd __File photo

Khaskheli is also a Sindh university graduate and during investigation is found guilty of blackmailing 30 more girls in different ways, said Khadim Rind.

He further elaborated that Anees was continuously blackmailing her through her pictures. On her return from village she proposed her for marriage, which he refused. These all circumstances and post mortem report clarifies death as a suicide, said DIG Police.

Anees will not be set free and will be charged under Pakistan Penal Code 316 and anti terrorism act 6/7, Said Mr Rind.

On the other side the civil society calls it an unfair investigation and have demanded interrogation of the hostel in charge ms. Anila Soomro.

civil society believes that some influential  are involved in the murder and crime scene pictures also clearly show it impossible for the deceased student to conduct such act alone.