Khipro: The group of feudal lords decided an amount of two hundred thousand Pakistani rupee for the teenager rape victim Rukni Meghwar, local media reported.

Rukhni, a 13 year old house maid was continuously raped for 6 months and all events were recorded to blackmail her by three youngsters of Kaimkhani community.

The issue only got attendance of Sindhi media. she belongs to a minority community and her parents seem helpless to get justice through the judicial system of the country.

Sources told Sindh post that the local police, due to influence of local feuds did not register the victims complaint and forced them for a settlement.

On Thursday they were called at a PPP leader Inayat Kaimkhani’s residence where newly elected city chairman was also present. In presence of the police the decision was imposed on the victims family.

Supreme court of Pakistan has already called these type of settlements against the law but  law enforcers violated the law it self, being present in the gathering.