Shoukat Zardari Journalist

It really disturbs me a lot when I see death news of Sindhi youth in our media but it was even more disturbing on Monday morning when social media was filled with the photos of  26 years old girl Naila Rind hanging in a hostel room of Sindh university.

Sindh university in Jamshoro has always remained in the breaking news of Pakistani media regarding paramilitary forces actions against student worker of Nationalist parties and we saw many arrests, unrest and strikes by the students in last three decades but this time the university first came in News for the alleged suicide (or murder) of a very talented final year female student of Sindhi Department from an upper Sindh district.

Most families in upper Sindh think millions of times before sending their daughters to these institutions and many families just educate girls up to 12th grade for mostly the insecurity they feel in such institutes. This is not the first case that happened in university hostel of Sindh but in 2002 girl naming Uma Devi was also found dead in her room which was later declared as a suicide.

As per my investigations it does not seem a suicide case. I analyzed the pictures on social media thoroughly and what ever I  see the height of the girl and the fan, the bed cart, where she possibly could have placed the chair to hang her self, the buttons of her shirt were torn, which may have happened when she had resisted to safeguard herself from touching by someone. I am not sure what exactly happened that night but the question is still there” who killed her”?

The University administration is trying its best to prove it a suicide and one of the so called women rights activist even went farther by blaming her on the basis of unverified rumors as being romantically involved. Most of the society after going through the information published about her believes it a murder but only people close to administration of the university calling it a possible suicide.

In My opinion the university provost, hostel security (if any) and the girls living in the hostel that day must be interrogated. A thorough forensic investigation of the crime scene must be carried out. Her mobile phone data must be checked. Her family must be questioned for any possible personal reasons for pushing her to go for Such act (in case of proven suicide)

If authorities put this case in cold storage, it will definitely effect the future of many Sindhi girls, whose parents are already hard to decide whether sending girls to Sindh University or any other university of Pakistan. If girls future is not safe then the whole nation’s future is not safe. We must not let this case go like others.