Larkana: Jamiat Ulema e Islam Party  has decided to nominate Rashid Mahmmod Soomro as a candidate for MNA against Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, local media reported.

After the announcement by PPP Co- Chairman Asif Zardari for contesting elections along with his son on NA 204 Larkana and NA 213 Nawabshsh, both cities are charged with electioneering campaigns.

According to local media, JUI’s district shura in a meeting has decided to bring Mr. Soomro as a party candidate in by elections in coming days.

The shura has also decided to call on other opposition parties to develop consensus on on one candidate as scattered vote may benefit the ruling party and make things easier for Bilawal.

On the other side PPP Larkana’s Spokes person Salim Soomro has called it a publicity stunt by PPP opponents and said, those who have already lost elections are now contesting against chairman PPP for fame.